london born, tokyo bound-
never far from a little mischief


Perhaps you met eyes with a tall blonde ambling through airport security, and wondered what she looked like yawning next to you in an overlarge hotel bed. Perhaps it was me (giving into wanderlust, yet again); perhaps not. But if you're as determined as I am to find that rare moment - curled up together, butterflies in our stomach and champagne flutes long forgotten about - then it may be a stroke of luck that our paths have crossed.

Chef by day, and independent escort by night, I've always been incurably hedonistic, with a taste for impropriety. A traditional upbringing in London and prestigious education may have given me an accent straight out of 'Notting Hill' and the ability to flirt in more than a few languages- but I am, and have always been, the girl who would rather be talking about her favourite porn over a whisky (preferably Ichiro's Malt MWR, on the rocks), than doing the rounds at a black-tie event.

+ so what shall we get up to?

You're probably someone that already understands why the boundaries between different sensory pleasures can blur easily. For me, a flawless dish or beautiful piece of music pairs best with eroticism. And just as my appetites span from French haute cuisine to Singaporean hawker stalls, I've never been happy with just one type of person- or one form of seduction. I could never finish a list of passions (and I have a dislike for acronyms), but if 'GFE', 'PSE' and kink were to be tangled together in a blur of limbs and whispered depravity, then I would perhaps be at my happiest.

I like best those who can't be tied down, and who crave variety and immoderation - even if it's just for one night. Sometimes I want urgent, rough encounters that leave our skin crimson and our breath ragged; sometimes I want languorous, passionate nights filled with soft touches and greedy kisses. Above all, I like to be playful, and to indulge my sense of curiosity - for new people, new tastes, and things I've never done; to take pleasure seriously, and to never be too serious about anything else. Perhaps it's all that time spent in restaurant kitchens, where no one day is ever the same.

I've been told I have a filthy mind; I've certainly been intoxicated by BDSM for as long as I can remember. Though I have my fair share of experience in intense dungeon scenarios, and I will gush ad nauseam about my favourite roleplays, I believe that kink is fundamentally a psychological exchange. Hasn't pleasure always been a little more thrilling with some torturous denial - a giddy rush of power - or a delicious lack thereof? In a lover, mind has certainly always been much more important to me than years of experience wielding floggers. And so of course, I love to corrupt someone completely new to BDSM.

It's not easy to quantify the above style of kink, and I still adore everything 'vanilla'. For that reason, you won't find a 'yes' and 'no' style list of 'services' or their rates on my site. Instead, I ask that where possible, we plan a booking before meeting. I find it's best to leave room for spontaneity, but to both have an understanding of the right mood and the right level of intensity. In alignment with this, my kink and PSE rates are bespoke, and depending on what we are planning, I may require a reference, a particular venue, or other safety measures.

I am, and have always been bisexual - so meeting couples, or inviting a friend to join us, makes me immeasurably happy. And naturally, I'm always happy to make recommendations for a third (please be aware that I am liable to also include those that I am desperate to seduce).


“Set your life on fire. seek those who fan your flames.”





2 hours ※ 70,000 JPY
3 hours ※ 90,000 JPY
overnight ※ 200,000 JPY

additional hours ※ 20,000 JPY
+ dates ending after 11pm ※ 10,000 JPY

For other durations, currencies, and kink, please enquire


✈️ fly me to you

I utterly adore travel (and I get impatient to meet a lover sometimes, too). For every hour of my travel, my minimum booking duration is double that - for example, if you're 4 hours from me, then I ask that we meet for at least 8 hours. For the fastest possible response, please enquire with:

+ The city that you'd like to meet in
+ How long you'd like to meet for (for durations under 48 hours in particular, timings to the hour are greatly helpful)
+ Proof of ID or employment (e.g. a LinkedIn profile)
+ A general idea of what you have planned, e.g.: whether you prefer separate or shared accommodation; if you have any solo commitments during the booking, and so on

In order to confirm a FMTY booking, I require a 50% deposit and travel expenses (business class for flights over 3 hours)


+ new to all this?

Quite a few of the clients I see have never met with a companion before, and I'm always delighted that they take the plunge with me. It's not as complicated as it may seem to arrange - like organising any other date, it will go best if you are polite, forthcoming about what you enjoy, and ready to enjoy yourself at the pace that's best for you.

There's no such thing as the right or wrong way for us to spend our time together. I'm often told that I 'don't seem like the type' to entertain certain requests; but any respectful enquiry will neither shock nor offend me, even if it's something I don't offer. In all likelihood I will have maybe outdone you at some point in my explorations..

In terms of location, I can pay a visit to your hotel room, or alternatively meet you at a 'love hotel'. If you're unfamiliar with love hotels (or perhaps you imagine them to all have over-the-top themes), I can actually highly recommend some that are luxurious and discreet. And if you prefer to meet for a drink, a fabulous dinner, or an altogether more unique adventure, I can also suggest a few great spots around Tokyo.

For many of my clients, the need for discretion is paramount, which is why I have a the precautions that I take listed below.

+ discretion policy

Put simply, I wouldn't be able to do this if I didn't take privacy, data security and my own safety to be of the utmost importance. In general, my policy is to take all necessary measures to keep our communication secure and our time together private.

I am something of a technology enthusiast and I have a few techniques for keeping our communication and your information secure (and I'm always open to new suggestions). For initial contact, I recommend creating an e-mail account with Protonmail, as e-mails sent from a Protonmail account to mine will be fully encrypted. If you use Signal, then I am happy to give you my details on there.

If I do ask for a deposit, it will likely be a bank transfer to my business bank account. On your bank statement, the transaction shown is to a discreet business name with no connection to my presence as Erin. If you need to avoid a paper trail completely, then I can also take Bitcoin (with a surcharge for the conversion costs).

In public together, I choose to keep things discreet and to use the name 'Erin Pearce' if it's necessary to register somewhere. If we bump into each other outside of a booking, then I always assume that you may not be on your own - and to behave as if we have never met. I hope it's alright to ask the same of you, and also to respect my decision to keep my legal name private.

Any details of our meeting are only ever seen by me, and are always stored locally and encrypted. I also routinely delete data relating to bookings.

+ deposits & cancellations

I greatly prefer to keep my trysts to a small number, and to treat both your and my time as highly valuable. As such, I choose to (like many a restaurant nowadays) ask for a deposit to secure some bookings- in general, around 20% of the rate. Please bear in mind that until I've received your deposit, I don't treat our booking as confirmed.

I do understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and that you may have to cancel. If you're able to let me know at least 48 hours before we meet, and to reschedule within a month of our planned date, then your deposit can go towards a new booking; otherwise, it will not be refunded. In the unlikely event of my having to cancel, your deposit will of course be fully refunded - the only exception being if your deposit was for me to purchase something non-refundable (for example, kink equipment or a hotel room).



If you're not able to provide a recent reference from at least one established independent provider in your introduction, then I may ask you for proof of hotel booking, or identity.

I travel frequently and I do not have a permanent incall - if you'd like me to update you personally when I know the dates that I'm visiting your city, then feel free to send me an email with your details.

For me, attraction has never been skin deep. Where you were born, your age, your body, your gender, or your sexuality matter far less to me than genuine connection (and whether we like the same cheeses).